Chris Guyer
As a kid, we moved around a bit, which was a phenomenal experience. Once we landed in Montana, the allure of the great outdoors and the opportunities it afforded made it difficult for me to leave. Cody was a logical next step. It’s where I wanted to be, the people, the community, the outdoors. 

I discovered the freedom that a bike can provide when I was the new kid in high school in Montana after living overseas for 6 years. The first time I rode that hand-me-down old Mountain bike from my mom, I was hooked. That commute to school was a pivotal moment in my life. To say that bikes were my first love would be an understatement. That discovery opened up the world for me, introduced me to most of my dear friends and ultimately provided me with a community.

The feeling of incredible, easy joy, stays with me to this day and it’s the reason I named the shop Joyvagen: Path to Happiness.
path to happiness