1. ride
    My goal is to help customers choose a bike that will bring them maximum joy for years to come. We work with clients to understand the terrain they want to cover with their bike, and how they want to grow as a rider through time. I listen a lot, and then provide options based on extensive research, and also my experience as a rider.
  2. rent
    Joyvagen rents out cruiser bikes for as little as a half day, as well as a variety of “demo bikes” which are higher performance options (all terrain). These bikes give customers a chance to try before they buy, or just to enjoy a type of bike they don’t own with less commitment.
  3. repair
    I worked in shops through high school and part of college. There isn’t a type of bike I haven’t ridden and worked on at some point in my life. Service is an important part of Joyvagen’s mission statement, and we pride ourselves on repairing bikes of all kinds — no matter where you got them or how you like to ride.